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The War Counsel


Go And Make Disciples Of All Nations, Baptizing Them And Teaching Them To Obey All He Has Commanded Of Us.

Matthew 28:18 -20

Humility + Evangelism + Spiritual Leadership

Ministry Work

We are focused on helping men love and serve their wives, lead their families, and create a serving culture at home, in the workplace, and community. We seek to see marriages saved with husbands and wives growing in oneness. We disciple youth in Jesus, train them in leadership, and equip them to teach others.


The War Counsel Exists To Spiritually Support And Teach God's Children To Pursue Jesus.

About The War Counsel

My name is Ed Schmit

The War Counsel is about raising awareness of the battle that everyone lives in. We teach about God's tireless and endless pursuit of a relationship with us, his children. We develop men and women into an army for Jesus. We help equip followers of Jesus to become disciples who lead their households, workplace, and communities.


From The Heart


Steve Roblee
Wild at Heart Boot Camp 

“The weekend really made me think about important issues from the past and how it has shaped me...  It's a great weekend to retreat, gather yourself, and be spiritually refueled.”


Brian Grainger
Men’s Ministry Leader 

"The Wild At Heart Bootcamps for me has been life changing. The teaching has helped me look at myself as a man differently. They have helped focus on my heart and the importance of it.  I have been to several Bootcamps and each time I have had breakthroughs which has helped me grow closer to myself and more importantly closer to God.  I plan on attending several more in the future."


Medson Chitnedze
COST Ministry Director  Monkebay, Africa

“I have encountered a Great God's response to the ministry after seeing young people teaching the gospel and supporting the needy.  I see God's hand who reveals his secrets to me through the teachings of my brother Ed.  I have grown heavy spiritually and mentally."


Brent Eggers
Wild At Heart Boot Camp

"I have had the pleasure of participating in several War Counsel events last year and met Ed individually. These opportunities have helped me grow spiritually and relationally in my own family and the community. The Wild at Heart bootcamp is an amazing experience for those willing to disconnect and recharge for a few days. The War Counsel leaders are extremely inviting and gracious in all they do. I highly recommend this ministry and the checking them out."


Nick Breech
Wild at Heart Boot Camp

“I now know I have what it takes – to follow Jesus, lead my family, and glorify His name! I recently attended War Counsel boot camp helped me learn who I am in Christ and how much of a battle we are in. I learned to let the Lord heal my wounds, equip me for His Service and release me to take ground for His Kingdom. I learned to lean on God as a man to bring strength to my marriage rather than always look to my wife for validation. Ed from the War Counsel has what it takes, as he is following Jesus with all his heart, soul, and mind. Join him at an upcoming boot camp and let God heal you, father you, and validate your soul.”


The War Counsel is a community-funded nonprofit that seeks to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and advance the Kingdom of God. We rely on the generosity of individuals and organizations to help us achieve our goals. By donating to us, you will be supporting our mission to help people grow in their faith and live out God’s will. Your donations will help us to reach people in Africa with the help and resources they need to live a life of faith. We appreciate your support and thank you for your generous donations. Together, we can make a difference and advance the Kingdom of God. ~ Ed & Cathie Schmit 

The War Counsel Gallery

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