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Who is
Cost Ministries?

COST Ministries was born in 2019 with the main objective of planting spiritual life in youth through Bible Studies and evangelism.

Mission: Teaching About Jesus and His Gospel Through:

Discipleship / Youth Empowerment

Discipleship / Youth Empowerment

Love Therapy

Funds For Immediate Future

GOAL: School for 20 students

  • Rent an existing building

  • Robert –Lead Teacher

  • Hire: Accountant, Operations, & Teaching Assistant

  • Commitment from 20 families

-GOAL: Transportation

  • Bike for shorter ministry trips

  • Motorcycle/car for longer trips

  • Flatbed truck to rent out for deliveries and use for our harvest

GOAL: Financial Support for Ministry Leaders and Volunteers

GOAL: Maize purchase in May, store for sale, and substantial profit in November

Image by Federico Respini

Big Picture Future

GOAL: Purchase land for the following: 

  • Build School

  • Build office

  • Farming

  • Pigs

  • Soccer field – COST Team

Cost Ministry 

Cost Ministries have activities that help youth become faithful born-again Christians and leaders who can spread the true gospel of Jesus Christ, Matthew 28:18

Medson Chitedze


Monkey Bay 


Volunteer Leader
Monkey Bay


Volunteer Leader
Monkey Bay



Volunteer Leader
DOWA District


Volunteer Leader
Monkey Bay


Volunteer leader
Women Studies

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